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QuickBooks Online 1-on-1 Training

* Did you take the first step in getting your financials in order by purchasing a Quickbooks Online subscription but never get around to setting it up?  

*Or you set it up...but you have no clue if it's correct?

*You know you need to track your numbers and make sure your accounting is correct but you're not quite ready to hire a want to learn yourself.

And you search everywere but companies are always offering some type of course that applies to EVERYONE but isn't specific to YOUR business and GOALS! 

Plus you don't want to pay $500 a month for something you can do yourself have a few questions and you just want someone to review your information and ask questions that are specific to YOUR company and YOUR setup and YOUR money!!!

Do you want to be able to learn this from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere where there's Wi-Fi at a date and time that works best for YOU?

Well, I've got just the solution for you!  

PKJ Consulting offers 1-on-1 Direct Training via Zoom where you will receive training on only the questions you have regarding you QuickBooks Account from Phyllis Johnson, Owner of PKJ Consulting - QuickBooks Online Elite Level ProAdvisor, B.S. in Accounting & Finance, IRS Authorized, and MBA in Entrepreneurship Management!

I've helped HUNDREDS get their accounting in order via direct training, seminars, speaking engagements, and year-round accounting. 

I will show you how to setup, maintain, and book your transactions accurately so you can KNOW your numbers and make expert business decisions!

An Expert QuickBooks Online & Desktop Professional

Hey there! I'm Phyllis Johnson! 

CEO & Owner of PKJ Consulting - QuickBooks Online Elite Level ProAdvisor, B.S. in Accounting & Finance, IRS Tax Authorized, Online Teaching Certification, Microsoft Office Certified, and MBA in Entrepreneurship Management!

With 20 years of accounting & financial experience, I'm confident I can help you with any and all of your QuickBooks Online & Desktop Questions!


Getting started has never been so simple:


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Join the the meeting via Zoom and learn how to make your business a success....and even write off the cost of the call!


"Phyllis of PKJ Consulting is EXCELLENT! I hired her to provide me with QuickBooks Online Training. She was able to show me from start to finish all aspects of QBO from Invoicing to Accounts Payable to Bank Reconciliations. I tried to learn on YouTube but the one-on-one interaction helped me immensely. She responds quickly to all my questions even outside of 'normal' business hours. She's highly knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend PKJ Consulting for all your accounting and training needs!"

Megan Williams | TWA

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